PC Hardware Requirements

While the Oculus Rift is running, there is a large amount of data that is consistently sent back and forth between the headset, positional tracker, navigational controls, and your computer. For those reasons a hefty PC (Personal Computer) is required to be able to run the software as it was intended to be used. The PC minimum requirements for use with the Rift are as follows. NVIDIA … Continue reading PC Hardware Requirements

How it Works

As of right now, the Oculus Rift package consists of the 3D display head-mounted headset, head positional tracker, wireless Xbox one controller, and audio remote.  Oculus Touch controllers are planned to be available towards the end of the year 2016. According to Digital Trend’s “Spec Comparison” article, the headset features a combined resolution of 2160 x 1200, a refresh rate of 90hz, and a field of … Continue reading How it Works

The History of VR

As cited in the “Inventor of the Field of Virtual Reality” article, the Sensorama (pictured above) is considered to be the first true  virtual reality device.  It was created in 1957 by filmmaker Mort Heilig which featured an arcade style cabinet with a 3D display, vibrating seat, wind blowing effects, and even a scent producer.  This technique is still used today to create what we now call 4D rides.  … Continue reading The History of VR

Changing The Future

Having just released on March 28th, 2016 at a price of $599, the Oculus Rift hopes to capture a new audience of entrepreneurs and electronic enthusiasts alike.  With enough backers from innovators in the software business, Oculus owner Facebook looks to grab a large part of the newly created virtual reality marketing space.  With competitors like HTC, Valve, Sony, and Samsung they have their work … Continue reading Changing The Future